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Phd Graduate – Writing a Phd Dissertation

To get a PhD doctoral degree, a PhD graduate needs to submit a dissertation. Without an acceptable dissertation, a PhD graduate cannot get his degree. This article therefore provides the basic guidelines for writing a PhD dissertation.

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Dissertation for PhD Graduate: Research Proposal

A PhD graduate needs to start his dissertation with a research proposal. After searching for a suitable topic for the research, a PhD graduate needs to submit a research proposal that provides the details about the research. This includes a brief background to the research subject, questions that the PhD graduate will attempt to answer through his research as well as the research methodology that will be followed in order to conduct the research.

Dissertation for PhD Graduate: Introduction

The introduction section provides the reader information on the research to be conducted. This includes a brief background to the research problem, rationale for the research, the problem statement, as well as aims and objectives of the research.

Dissertation for PhD Graduate: Literature Review

A very important step in writing a dissertation is conducting a literature review of the published books, articles and papers on the research topic. These need to be critically evaluated and the arguments of the writers need to be summarized, synthesized and analyzed. However, it is important to note that literature review is not conducted with the aim of supporting your own argument but rather gives a briefing on the knowledge of the researcher and the research conducted in the subject.

Dissertation for PhD Graduate: Research Methodology

The research methodology that will be used to conduct the research is discussed in detail. Details are provided so as to be able to allow another researcher to replicate the study if required.

Dissertation for PhD Graduate: Findings and Discussion

This is the section where the findings are provided and discussed in detail.

Dissertation for PhD Graduate: Summary, Conclusion and RecommendationsFinally, a summary of the dissertation, recommendations and conclusion are provided. Also, further research areas are provided.

PhD graduates can easily follow the guidelines provided in this article to write an effective dissertation and not have to pay someone to write a paper.

MBA Dissertation Samples: Essence

The first thing you might want to know when you got a task of writing an MBA dissertation is how such dissertations are written. MBA dissertation samples will definitely help you with this task, as they allow you see the traditional structure, format requirements, and other peculiarities of MBA papers. But is it all so good about MBA dissertation samples? Not really. MBA dissertation samples have both pros and cons that are discussed further.

MBA Dissertation Samples: Pros

Needless to say, the advantages of MBA dissertation samples are more numerous and essential than their drawbacks. First of all, MBA dissertation samples serve educational purposes in the sense that they facilitate understanding of MBA writing principles and develop student’s academic writing skills. Moreover, these samples might often serve as clear guidelines and role models using which students might only insert their specific topics and research findings and go about writing their MBA dissertations easily. Finally, MBA dissertation samples might be used for teaching and training purposes and can allow students willing to use the professional writing services to choose the most qualified providers of such services.

MBA Dissertation Samples: Cons

Nevertheless, there are certain points that students should be careful about while using MBA dissertation samples. First of all, these samples are generalized models that you must adjust to your topic, but not use as ready dissertations. Second, MBA dissertation samples serve educational purposes only, and they cannot be used as sources of information even if a student finds an adequate topic similar to his/her one because such use will be considered plagiarism and might lead to the failure of the whole MBA course.


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