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Dissertation Introduction Is the Key to a Good Dissertation

The dissertation is the culminating academic activity associated with the completion of a degree or a professional qualification. It is a significant aspect of the evaluation of the academic proficiency demonstrated by a student.

The excellence of the dissertation may be the deciding factor in future academic or career aspirations. The dissertation introduction is a key element to a good dissertation that may even lead to its publication.

An understanding to the importance of a dissertation introduction

  • Two chapters are routine in a dissertation. They are the dissertation introduction and the dissertation conclusion.
  • A dissertation introduction introduces the problem investigated in the dissertation. The introduction briefly evaluates the subject of the dissertation to provide a rationale for the dissertation.
  • The introduction thus makes it necessary to acquire knowledge on the subject of the dissertation.
  • A dissertation introduction is written first making it easier to climb into writing the other parts of the dissertation. The introduction may be altered due to course that the other parts of the dissertation. However, the introduction remains the starting point of a dissertation.
  • Working on the material for a dissertation introduction provides insights into the subject.
  • The insights provided in the working of the introduction helps in unearthing unique problems or issues. A relevant and current problem or issue can then be chosen as topic of investigation.
  • A dissertation introduction may not provide a road map for a dissertation. A dissertation introduction, however, sets the direction and tone of the dissertation.
  • A good dissertation introduction is thus the cornerstone to a good dissertation.

This understanding of the importance of a dissertation introduction will assist in developing a good dissertation.

Dissertations Ideas – So Much Work to Be Done

Dissertations ideas are usually the starting point of any dissertation. If you have no dissertations ideas, you will never write a valuable dissertation. The additional challenge is found in the fact that dissertations ideas should be fresh and innovative – they should extend a certain field of studies in such a way so that the future dissertation written based on them would represent a real contribution to the topic.

So, where to take dissertations ideas? What should a person undertaking writing a dissertation do to make dissertations ideas work for the success of the dissertation? Where to Take Successful Dissertations Ideas.

  • The main source of dissertations ideas should be the course you are studying at; having studied some material and a set of topics within a particular period of time, you become proficient in that topic and you become able to judge what fields of that science require filling, what black spots can be seen in it and where you can make a sufficient contribution.
  • Having interest in a particular topic, not necessarily in your field of studies but in something you do for pleasure, for the personal interest or for fun, you may find dissertations ideas from those spheres – when people do something for their own but not because they are entitled to doing this, they grasp the subject much better; this is why there can be more dissertations ideas from such spheres of interest.
  • Finally, literary studies may help you identify a set of dissertations ideas you will need for accomplishment of your dissertation; such a case may happen when you are not defined about in what field to work and the topic of the dissertation is assigned for you by your tutor.

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Following one of these directions, you will always find dissertations ideas to your taste and specification. The main thing is to understand that the dissertations ideas you choose should not deviate from the overall course you are studying, in other case the research proposal will not be approved.


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